For Children

For Children

Functional Vision

  • According to the AOA, as much as 80% of a child’s learning involves the visual system, and one out of every 10 children has a vision problem that affects their ability to learn.
  • Visual information processing (VIP) problems include delays or deficits in visual spatial orientation, visual analysis, and visual integration skills. VIP skills provide the child the capacity to organize, structure, and interpret visual stimuli, giving meaning to what is seen.
  • Ocular motility dysfunction – eye movement disorders

  • Vergence dysfunction – inefficiency in using both eyes together

  • Strabismus – misalignment of the eyes

  • Amblyopia – lazy eye

  • Accommodative disorders – focusing problems

  • Visual information processing disorders

  • Visual sensory and motor integration

  • Visual rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury

My son completed one year of vision therapy with Dr. Chow. We noticed a significant improvement as each session went by.  He was very patient and made each therapy assignment fun and innovative. It was a pleasure working with him and would totally recommend him for his services.”

Sonia Toruno

“Dr. Chow is an excellent pediatric optometrist and one of the few specializing in vision therapy.  My daughter, who has an eye turn and a lazy eye, was treated by him.  He was very patient and assigned eye exercises that were fun and effective.“

Annie Rodriguez, Your Content Goes Here