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Back To School

Back To School Vision As you're getting ready to make the annual ‘back to school’ checklist, don’t forget to put assessing your child’s eyes near the top. I promise it’ll be easier than finding the 37 glue sticks or the exact composition book the teacher requested.  Seriously though, do you know that even if [...]

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What is a developmental/sensorimotor eye exam and how is it different from a regular eye exam?

A developmental/sensorimotor eye exam delves deep into visual efficiency and visual information processing skills.  Visual efficiency skills include accommodation (eye focusing), vergence (eye teaming), ocular motility (eye tracking).  Visual processing skills include identification and discrimination, spatial awareness, visual memory, and visual motor integration. A regular eye exam generally focuses on eyesight and ocular health. [...]

What is a developmental/sensorimotor eye exam and how is it different from a regular eye exam?2022-07-17T11:37:42+00:00

The Larry Fitzgerald Story

The renowned NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr. attributes his successful football career to the skills he learned in vision therapy.  Larry Fitzgerald Jr. played college football at Pittsburgh University, where he earned uncontested All-America honors. In 2004, he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals (pick number three), and his famed reputation has grown ever [...]

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2021 Update: Vision Therapy Research

Vision therapy is an evidence-based science with over 260 published articles on its effectiveness. Are looking for published research on VT? Provided below are just a few references for published research articles on vision therapy and its effectiveness for the treatment of many vision conditions. 1. Clinical Trial of Treatments for Convergence Insufficiency in Children [...]

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What Are Visual Efficiency Problems?

Did you know that visual problems can dramatically reduce a person’s ability to learn or their productivity at work?  Poor visual skills can negatively impact performance in school, at the office, and on the sports field. Understanding and knowing what to look out for can help with early detection and treatment of visual problems. Below [...]

What Are Visual Efficiency Problems?2021-10-24T00:10:32+00:00

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Miami Vision Therapy is proud to provide office-based vision therapy to both children and adults in our South Florida community. We treat patients with vision issues from amblyopia, binocular vision disorders, diplopia, traumatic brain injury.

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