Vision therapy is an evidence-based science with over 260 published articles on its effectiveness.

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Provided below are just a few references for published research articles on vision therapy and its effectiveness for the treatment of many vision conditions.

1. Clinical Trial of Treatments for Convergence Insufficiency in Children

Conclusion: Office-based vision therapy is an effective treatment for children with Convergence Insufficiency.

Published by: Mitchell Scheiman, OD; Susan Cotter, OD, MS; G. Lynn Mitchell, MAS; Marjean Kulp, OD, MS; Michael Rouse, OD, MEd; Richard Hertle, MD; and Maryann Redford, DDS, MPH. ‘Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial (CITT) Study Group. A randomized clinical trial of treatments for convergence insufficiency in children. Archives of Ophthalmology 2005’; 123:14-24.

2. Best Treatment Determined for Childhood Eye Problem

Conclusion: 75 percent of the children who had weekly office-based vision therapy experienced significant improvement in their convergence in 12 weeks.

Published by: Mayo Clinic: ‘Best Treatment Determined for Childhood Eye Problem’ : Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency with Vision Therapy.

3. Effective Treatment Identified for Common Childhood Vision Disorder

Conclusion: Vision Therapy is effective treatment for a common childhood eye coordination problem called convergence insufficiency.

Published by: National Eye Institute, ‘More Effective Treatment Identified for Common Childhood Vision Disorder’: Evidence-Based Treatment for Convergence Insufficiency

4. Effective Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency (CI)

Summary: Although CI is quite common, with reported rates of prevalence ranging up to 13%, this pilot study by Scheiman and colleagues does move forward our understanding of the treatment of this disorder.

Published by: Kushner Burton J. ‘The Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency. Archives of Ophthalmology 2005’, 123:100-101. Complete article – PDF version